How it all started…

Van Wonderen opened its first shop in the famous Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. The shops bear the name of our founder's grandfather, Gerard van Wonderen (1907), as the idea of realizing an artisanal stroopwafel shop and our love for this iconic Dutch biscuit stems from many years ago.

Grandson Colin van Wonderen first savored the warm stroopwafel around 25 years ago, when he and his grandfather used to go to the market on weekends where they ordered a freshly baked and warm stroopwafel from the market stall.

After several years of entrepreneurship in various branches, Colin grabbed the opportunity to create his own stroopwafel concept. He soon tested the results on his family and friends, resulting in big smiles and mouthwatering faces. The warm stroopwafel that Colin got to know thanks to his grandfather Gerard van Wonderen was brought back to life! Today, we have brought smiles to countless faces and many people find their way to our Dutch stroopwafel shops.

Our mission? Sharing this taste and sensation with even more people in the future!

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The History of the Stroopwafel

The stroopwafel was first baked in Gouda, around the second half of the 19th century. The iconic Dutch biscuit consists of two round, thin waffles that are baked crispy in a waffle iron, after which two waffles are 'glued' together with a sweet syrup. The original waffles have a diameter of around 10 centimeters. Today, they are available with diameters from 5 to more than 25 centimeters. The stroopwafels are not just a delicious treat when they come "hot from the iron". They also match perfectly with ice cream and chocolate. These days, stroopwafels are not just eaten in the Netherlands but are truly famous around the world!